Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm in!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello printmakers,

I just wanted to follow up on some questions sent regarding the "printmaking open studio" at the College of Southern NV, Jan. 8-10. This is an open session for everyone to come and work. Candace and I will be working on some printing for this project, and can also be there to answer any questions, etc. The printmaking facility at CSN is located in the Art Complex on the West Charleston campus; Room 108. I have direct access (keys) to this facility, and I plan on arriving around 9 am. each day, and closing up the studio when people are ready. I am going to send the address of the facility, as well as my home address, so you can google, or mapquest directions. As always, if you have a question, please e-mail; or or even call; 702-218-0202.

printmaking location: College of Southern NV, West Charleston Campus, Art Complex (N building) Room 108, 6375 West Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 891018
Anne's place: 6309 Santa Cruz Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89108

Just let me know if you think you'll be around anytime on the weekend.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ashlea and I am a printmaking student at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am super excited to be working on the Geographical Divides project with everyone. I know it has taken me a while to get into this blogging thing, but I here!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Brief Introduction

Hello fellow printmakers,

I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Erik Beehn. I am very excited to be part of this interesting project, and look forward to the entire experience. I know some of you but not all, I was a student of Anne's some years back in Las Vegas, where I grew up. I studied printmaking at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, before moving to Los Angeles in 2005 for a job opportunity as a printer for Gemini GEL. I have been printing for Gemini for over four years and plan to leave there to return to Vegas early next year.
My work tends to cross media most often Printmaking and Photography. I practice new ways of making marks while exploring everyday spaces. I look forward to meeting and talking with you all.
Erik S. Beehn

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GREAT resource for ideas

Hi all - The Nevada Museum of Art has been doing some great work on "Art and Environment" and there is a social network that can act as a resource for us all:

Check it out.

Other links, too:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Since moving to Reno some years ago from a softer, greener place, I have used art to grapple with my environment. I found that making art about the place is my way to claim it and feel at home. In the beginning I was intimidated by the desert landscape and started with still life paintings. Soon the still life objects were perched before windows with a glimpse of the hills beyond. Later I found a group of plein air painters who introduced me to the many facets of my new home state which I have come to appreciate, and maybe even love.
I also find that living in town is convenient in all sorts of ways, though the quiet, empty, wild places of Nevada are the ones that nourish my spirit. Luckily, I have a taste of both, living as I do at the urban edge of northern Nevada’s largest metropolitan center. From the front of my house I overlook a sea of tract houses and hear the hum of the distant freeway. From the back of the house, I see hill beyond hill of pinion-dotted rocky land which so far is only lightly tamed by human development. This urban interface is an interesting place of contrast and conflict. The wild horses in their quest for food often make themselves unwelcome on the suburban lawns. The rabbits and ground squirrels make gardening a frustrating business. This place of dichotomy, this tension between untamed and over regimented is the inspiration for the work I am doing for the Geographical Divides project.

Hello All,
With lots of help from Candace, I can blog!
More later,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey Everyone,
Let me say welcome and I'm really stoked for this project. I hope to have an image to share sometime in the next month, but am waiting for my partner to return from Africa.
I hope to be able to finalize the list of participants in the next couple of weeks. This promises to be an innovative and exciting project.
Southern participants, please don't hesitate to contact me, or if you are looking for a space to work, just let me know, and I'll let you share the printmaking space at CSN.

Special thanks to Candace Nicole for setting up this blog and putting together the documents that have been flying. What do you folks think about having a couple weekends to get together and print at the CSN printshop? I am also considering a week at Goldwell's facility if it can be worked out. Let me know your thoughts.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sorry, go to that link:
and scroll to 2002 Monster Print
to see the collaboration with the Double D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lynn and I talked about collaborating on a print and how exactly to do that.
I worked with "our" very own Daryl on a massive woodcut a while back which miraculously worked out just peachy despite our styles being quite different.
We both like coffee.
This is a bit different since we are separated by geography, and I'm sure everyone will have various ways of working together but I thought I'd show the whole collab-story for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Formal Greeting

Hey inky fingered friends,
My name is Daryl DePry and a lot of folk call me Double D; I am a printmaker. I prefer my endeavers through the woodcut printmaking process but am fluent and teach in stone and plate litho, intaglio, and serigraphy. I use a sketchbook and avoid the computer for my mockups. I am a coffee acheiver and like it hot and black.
I grew up in San Diego and came to Vegas in 1989.
I have my studio at home, crammed in my garage and print from a Sturgis CP-5 etching press- She's an utter delight. I feed her every week.
I graduated from UNLV 1998 with my BFA and a minor in geology and in 2002 with an MFA. I have been teaching ever since then at UNLV until last year- budget cuts.
Anyways, I got some images on INKTERACTION and Flickr under the guise Dar'wyl. Check it out.
Totally psyched to do this Geographical Divide and hope it turns some heads.
Later days,

Topos for me and Lynn

I'm thinking some topo images. I don't sketch much but I will try to post some pics of my drawing on blocks. Lynne, I hope you're ready for cherry wood!

Lynn has already started so I guess I better get my act together.


Ideas for etching with Jeanne

So I've been thinking about this project and connecting it with my own work regarding the Landscape of Desires and the Connection between the North and the South.  Jeanne and I have started talking via Facebook and came up with some great ideas.  I'm starting my plate as an etching and an hoping to get it to Jeanne by the end of next month.  When she is done etching her part, I want to print it and then screenprint "little" storyboard images relating to North/South connections.  Both Jeanne and I can come up with the "little" drawings.

Geographical Divides
A Collaborative Print exhibition of Northern and Southern Nevada Printmakers
A print portfolio exchange organized by Anne M. Hoff and Candace Nicol

Nevada is a rich visual landscape – a state complete with wonderful cultural myths like “Area 51” and “Sin City”.  It is a state that commands the imagination of Postmodernism - from the architecture of Las Vegas to the proliferation of Burning Man once a year.  Also, it is a state comprised of two major metropolitan communities in the South and the North divided by 300 miles of desert.  Geographical Divides brings Nevada printmakers together for an opportunity to collaborate in the creation of a print portfolio exchange that will visually explore the uniqueness of our state.

This is to be a printmaking exchange and subsequent exhibit that pairs a Northern NV printmaker with a Southern NV printmaker to work collaboratively on two individuals prints.  The basic premise is for each artist to partially complete a traditional printing plate, send it to their partner, who will alter and work additionally on the same plate.  Upon the second artist working the plate, it shall be returned to the originating printmaker, who will complete the plate/image and then print an edition of 20.

Sixteen printmakers are being invited to participate in Geographical Divides Portfolio exchange and Nevada Arts Council Touring Initiative.  Eight printmakers are to come from Northern Nevada, eight printmakers from Southern Nevada.  Artists will be paired based on technical sensibilities, content and personal temperament.  The process for completing this edition will take an approximate time period of 6 months.  The end result will be a total edition of 20 prints completed by each artist.  16 prints to be employed for the portfolio exchange, 1 print for the NAC traveling exhibition, 1 print for the archives of the Nevada Arts Council, 1 print for the Southern Nevada College permanent collection, 1 print for Truckee Meadows Community College permanent collection.

Artists participating in Geographic Divides will explore connections and disconnections between Southern Nevada and Northern Nevada cultural attitudes, aesthetics and geographical distinctions.   Each printmaking pair in our state will communicate and visually respond to each other’s unique economic, environmental and political/social settings. 

Anne M. Hoff, Southern Nevada College, Las Vegas, NV
Department of Fine Arts, College Southern Nevada, 6375 W. Charleston Blvd. –W2D, Las Vegas, NV  89146-1164

Candace Nicol, Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV
25 Sunridge Drive, Reno, NV  89511
Candace Nicol is an adjunct professor at Truckee Meadows Community College and is a co-founder of the Northern Nevada Printmakers’ Conspiracy.  She has curated numerous international and national print portfolio exchanges and collaboration projects including 6sides2 every story and the CommD project, both sponsored by Nevada Arts Council Grants.


Maria Arango
Lynn Schmidt
Erik Beehn
Nolan Preece
Bobbie Ann Howell
Galen Brown
Daryl Depry
Sharon Tetly
Keith Conley
Lynne Kistler

Ashlea Clark
Anne Hoff
Vicki LoSasso
Jeanne Voltura
Candace Nicol

Portfolio Details:

MEDIA…………………… Printmaking in any form and archival media.  Paired artists are asked to work together and plan which techniques and processes they want to employ for their two plates.  They do not each have to start with the same matrix. For example:  Maria may start with a woodblock and Lynne may start with Linoleum. 

INTERLEAVING…… For protection of individual prints, glassine must be folded over each print and fit the size of the prints exactly.

SIZE………………..…… 10”x20” bleed prints (image and paper size)

EDITION SIZE……… 20 -The prints need to be individually numbered 1/20 through 20/20.

DISTRIBUTION……  Each participating artist will receive a complete boxed portfolio of 14 prints. One boxed portfolio will be donated to Nevada Arts Council, one will be donated to the College of Southern Nevada and the third will be donated to Truckee Meadows Community College Art Gallery Collection.  The remaining set will be framed for Nevada Touring Initiative Exhibitions.

FEES…………………….$75 to defray the cost of portfolio boxes, colophon and postage

RESUME/ARTIST STATEMENT/ TECHNICAL SHEET……….Please include a current resume (1 page) and an artist statement. This is a requirement for the collections.  Also, for the development of the educational guide that is printed in conjunction with the Nevada Touring Initiative exhibits, we will need artist pairs to provide brief descriptions of their collaborative print media and methods.                                   

DEADLINE………………Editions must be postmarked by August 1, 2010

Send Editions to:
Anne Hoff
Department of Fine Arts
College Southern Nevada
6375 W. Charleston Blvd. –W2D
Las Vegas, NV  89146-1164