Sunday, October 11, 2009

Formal Greeting

Hey inky fingered friends,
My name is Daryl DePry and a lot of folk call me Double D; I am a printmaker. I prefer my endeavers through the woodcut printmaking process but am fluent and teach in stone and plate litho, intaglio, and serigraphy. I use a sketchbook and avoid the computer for my mockups. I am a coffee acheiver and like it hot and black.
I grew up in San Diego and came to Vegas in 1989.
I have my studio at home, crammed in my garage and print from a Sturgis CP-5 etching press- She's an utter delight. I feed her every week.
I graduated from UNLV 1998 with my BFA and a minor in geology and in 2002 with an MFA. I have been teaching ever since then at UNLV until last year- budget cuts.
Anyways, I got some images on INKTERACTION and Flickr under the guise Dar'wyl. Check it out.
Totally psyched to do this Geographical Divide and hope it turns some heads.
Later days,


Candace Nicol said... Found under Double D....good prints!

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