Monday, November 15, 2010

Some amazing photos taken by Bobbie Ann

Bobbie emailed these to me.  They are some great photos showing our processes and collaborations.

Yep, a little too much Starbucks Coffee which is right around the corner from where Anne teaches.  In Jan. 2010, some of us all met in Vegas to start the collaboration.  We also printed up half the colophons then, too.  Pictured:  Candace Nicol and Anne Hoff

Kate is showing us different ideas for the portfolio boxes she is making by hand.  Pictured: Kate, Juan, Anne and Candace

Summer 2010 - UP north at Oxbow Press, another gathering of artists working on the prints.  Pictured:  Anne, Sidne, and Candace

Sidne Teske working out the technicalities of screenprinting.

Anne Hoff drawing an image that will eventually be the screenprinted component to "Synergistic Divisions".

Final layers of "Tracks" by Galen Brown and Bobbie Ann Howell

"Nevada" by Bobbie Ann Howell and Galen Brown 

Erik Beehn working on his plate for "Here, There and Between".

Digital component SALLY to Erik Beehn & Nolan Preece's print: "Here, There and Between".

Blend ink on a big roller - for the relief component of "Tracks" by Galen Brown and Bobbie Ann Howell


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