Monday, April 5, 2010

Galen and Bobbie Ann first proof


sidne said...

This is beautiful. Now I am really feeling inadequate.

Candace Nicol said...

Don't feel that way... I bet your and Keith's pieces are going to be AWESOME!!!!

Bobbie Ann Howell said...

Hello all, yes I am finally on the blog. Had a great time visiting Galen's studio/galleries/workshop/office/home in Carson City and attending the opening of Oxbow press. Working in Reno for a couple of days was great even though we are still working out the next print and the host of ideas this project has led to. Hope to be back in Reno soon. It was wonderful to spend some working time with everyone in Reno, a very needed art week. Thanks to you all and terrific job of getting Oxboow press open.

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